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Purchasing a used car which was originally controlled by a cash purchase is now beginning to change. Many used car buyers who purchase their dream car on credit. Car sales on credit increased because the cars have changed the function of lifestyle become a necessity, but the high prices make cars people should be more intelligent to choose the method of payment. So, what are the advantages of buying a car on credit? Difficulty buys a car in cash is a consumer must have substantial savings to be able to buy a car, and it was somewhat difficult. While buying on credit, consumers do not need to save and accumulate money in the nominal lot since payments are made in installments every month. When choosing a car loan, then the consumer will be directed to have insurance. And is, therefore, the car will be more secure. While buying a car in cash, the customer will not be too encouraged to insure a vehicle so buyers tend to be ‘removed’. To find out more info you can do Click Here

Buying a car is credit actually quite easy. A buyer just prepares some of the completeness required to be able to do transactions. As credit terms granted by Mobil88, consumers only need to provide the required documents only. Buying a new or used car can sometimes be the dilemma of its own for us who want to have a car to support our daily activities, especially for us who want to buy a car on credit. Nowadays many good choices it was kind of a car or how to buy a car that we can choose.

Many prefer to buy used cars than new cars, and vice versa. Buying a new or used car does have its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the funds held and also tastes of each buyer. The advantages of buying a car on credit are guaranteed warranty; you can get a warranty from the manufacturer of the car during a certain time period. Service is free; in addition, you can also get free service when buying a new car from the manufacturer or authorized dealer. Lower insurance premiums; usually insurance premiums from new car smaller than a used car because of the risk is borne by smaller.

In terms of price, buy a new car thus has a higher price compared to buying a used car. Car buying process is also little different where for the new car, we usually buy at authorized dealers or specialized, while the used car you do not need to the dealer and can directly purchase to the seller personally. Whatever car you buy, especially if you buy on credit, you should not get the value of repayments over approximately 30 percent of income as you will be difficult to get a loan approval, and also you can trouble later to pay off the loan.